Founded in 2001 with legal name "Daisy Information Technology Company Limited,

Daisy had been known as one of the first retail software solution provider in Vietnam with the first software solution product released in 1996

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With more than 20 years of experiences in technology sector, Daisy's team can provide various industries with different products and services

Daisy is also partners of many world class manufacturers, that helps to bring global products and services to local market


Daisy has offices and its local partners around the country. This powerful resource will help to supply local support services, such as: hardware repair and replacement, IT system maintenance...

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Why Choose Us?

Daisy is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to providing innovative products & services, and to making a difference.

Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly striving to provide products & services, even for absolutely new issues they aren’t yet aware of. Moreover, we adopt a progressive approach to latest technology but cost efectiveness.

Our long experience means we have expertise which reaches across various sectors, as well as knowledge of specific businesses and local regulations.

Finally, we strive to share the experience we acquire across our organisation, as well as extend our presence around the country. We believe that our team bring exceptional satisfaction to any clients or partners

We experience your requirements as our mission to make sure that we don't miss any ideas from you
We understand that the key to a requirements analysis is identifying what the new system or product will do for your corporate – and to understand what you WANT the new system or product to do.
We keep developing and improving, offering a wide range of products and services that help our customers achieve their goals. We offer a range of products and services, from banking printer products or industrial embedded computers or retail Auto ID products to IT consultant services, and from payment systems or RFID applications to automation softwares.

Major Products

Daisy is a partner of famous and world-class manufacturers. We provide some major product lines:

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Special printers High speed

We provide various types of printers from passbook printing to high-speed dot martrix printers

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Barcode readers 1D & 2D Barcode

Barcode scanners from famous brands which range from light to heavy industry applications

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Card & passport printers Personalization

For governemnt and card personalization applications

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Mobile computers Industry

We provide not only mobile computers, but also develop applications for these

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Retail peripherals Retail

We provide POS perilherals for retail operation

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Label & RFID printers Manufacturer

Label & RFID printers with our own controlling software, this would help customer be more flexible in operating their production

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Some projects

We provide not only hardware products but maintenance and support services
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Maintenance service

Label printing system

Provide and support label printers.

This periodical job will help to extend printer system's lifetime, as well as eliminate interruptions during production

Scope: Hardware a& Maintenance services

Area: The North & South of Vietnam

Customer: Honda Vietnam

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Hardwares and consumables

Printing system

Completed label printing system

Enkei Vietnam company

Scope: Hardwares & consumables

Area: Enkei manufacturer

Customer: Enkei Vietnam

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Hardware and spareparts

Label printers

Provide label printers and spare parts.

Scope: Printers

Area: Hanoi

Customer: DHL Vietnam

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Hardware, software & spareparts

Label printers, handy terminals

Provide label printers, handy terminals, software application and spare parts.

Scope: Software & Hardwares

Area: Piaggio Plant

Customer: Piaggio Vietnam

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Barcode check system

Hardware and software

Label Printing, barcode check and alert system

Some other D.I.Y works

Scope: Hardware and software

Khu vực: Panasonic Hanam plant

Customer: Panasonic Appliances Vietnam

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Printer & software

Print & control

Provide printer and develop software to control label definition & printing

Integrated with CodeSoft SDK

Scope: Printer & software

Area: TOA plant

Customer: TOA Vietnam

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Hardwares & softwares solutions

Auto Product & counting

Hardware & software solution for product counting automation

Some D.I.Y works

Scope: Hardware & Software

Area: Tabuchi plant

Customer: Vietnam Tabuchi Eclectric (VTE)

Some major customers

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We provide IT services, such as: IT consulting, system maintenance, tecnical support, software development...

IT Consulting

To provide consulting services in business process management, IT policy...

Software development

Research and develop software on demand

Other services

Provide flexible hardware or human resources leasing

Repair services

Supply original repair and post-sales services

Software maintenance & support

Provide support and maintenance for software applications

System integration

Provide system integration solutions

Hanoi Head Office

B20-Lot 9, Dinh Cong, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi

  • +84-24-36404953
  • +84-24-36404954
  • Hotline: +84-904-888-677

Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City Office

6/28 Road 03, Lu Gia residence, Wrd., 15, Dist., 11

  • +84-28-22432126
  • Hotline: +84-904-888-508